First & Forward Pvt Ltd

Over three decades ago, on 25th December, a festive Christmas Day in 1984, a dream began to take shape. Young and eager to strike it on our own, three friends clasped hands and began a roller coaster ride into the world of advertising. We wanted to be First and we worked to be Forward. There was no holding back as we teamed up to offer a gamut of creative services that included design concepts, greeting cards, art installations, advertising campaigns and outdoor communication services.

The reliance was more on people skills than computers. We had a well-equipped art studio with over two dozen personnel and buzzing with activity. Today like across the world, we have high spec design computers and a trim studio force. Numerous personalities have frequented the portals of our Photography studio which was another hub of activity for various product, portrait and calendar shoots. Our clientele has included Bata, Sanyo, Maliban Biscuits, Eveready, Glaxo Ceylon, Mercantile Investments, Tootal Thread, Hatton National Bank and Little Lion. In recent times our work has included campaigns for the Coconut Development Board, the Bank of Ceylon, Emerald Shirts and a few other well recognised brands.

Over the three decades our TV Commercials for Maliban and BOC have made a national impact and the agency garnered quite a few awards. Our Radio spots have caught the fancy of Sri Lankans all over the country who even now hum the tunes with nostalgia. Thousands of creative people have passed through the portals of F&F and we continue our creative ride.

For an unbroken stint of 30 years we have published the Poya Day advertisements for Maliban Biscuits which have been meticulously hand painted by one of the country's eminent creative people,Mr. Deega Somapala.

First & Forward continues to make its impact on the media with campaigns for Focuss Shirts from Emerald and campaigns for the Bank of Ceylon. It maintains a solid yet streamlined workforce capable of cutting-edge advertising campaigns and slick communication material.

Mr Sai Krishna, currently heads the operations of First & Forward Pvt Ltd as Managing Director. He began his stint with F&F almost 23 years ago as a Trainee Client Servicing executive. Since then he has become the face of First & Forward and established relationships with our clients which include Maliban Biscuits, Coconut Board, the Bank of Ceylon, Bata, Emerald Shirts, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and the Ceylon Electricity Board. Sai maintains a quiet yet resolute control over the dynamics of the agency taking it from height to height and expertly nurturing the relationships we have succeeded in keeping for over three decades. .

Our 30 Years Brand History

  • Bata – Shoes
  • Maliban – Biscuits
  • Little Lion – Cakes
  • Glaxo – Pharmaceuticals
  • Agfa – Film /Photography
  • Eveready
  • Bobby – Incense sticks
  • Laksapana – Batteries
  • Zellers – Chocolate
  • Emso
  • Kelani – Cables
  • Nippolac - Paints
  • Pfizer – Pharmaceuticals
  • Jinasena – Waterpumps
  • Ceypetco
  • Lakspray
  • Emerald – Shirts
  • Cyntex – Textiles
  • Sascon – Knitting
  • Rhino – Roofing
  • Tootal – Threads
  • Finlays – Chemicals
  • AirLanka – Catering
  • Lanka IOC – Fuel
  • Nemco
  • Sanyo

Financial Institutions

  • Bank of Ceylon
  • Merchant Bank of Ceylon
  • Hatton National Bank
  • Commercial Bank
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • LB Finance
  • NDB

Other Institutions

  • Colombo Municipal Council
  • Ceylon Electricity Board
  • Coconut Development Authority

Poya Day Record Achievement

First & Forward and Maliban Biscuits share quite an achievement. For an unbroken stint of 30 years we have published the Poya Day advertisements for Maliban Biscuits which have been meticulously hand painted by one of the country's eminent creative people, Mr. Deega Somapala. Each advertisement carries a message which is uplifiting and aptly themed.

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