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In every flower, nature smiles at me and beckons me to take on a new future. Shifting my gaze from the buzz of advertising and communications I have chosen to watch the gentle blossoming and nurturing of cut flowers. Set in some the country's most idyllic spots in Haputale and Hatton two extensive, well equipped and maintained cut flower farm projects have taken root that jealously demand my time and attention.

Hatton Cut Flower Farm Project

My intense love for nature whipped up the yearning in me to set up yet another cut flower farm. The land was selected after much searching, primarily because we were looking not just for land but land set in ideal surroundings which would help nurture the flowers into their full brilliance. The Hatton project is neatly laid out and planned to optimise the space that we secured. Our cut flower range is much more extensive here and it includes Gerberas, Roses, Statice, Gypsophyla, Phalaenopsis types and a few other varieties. We have tied up with leading companies from Holland and KF Bio Plants one of India's leading cut flower producers based in Pune.

Hatton is a town in the Nuwara Eliya District of Central Province, Sri Lanka. It is approximately 83 kilometres (52 mi) southeast of Colombo and 44 km (27 mi) south of Kandy and is situated at an elevation of 1,271 m (4,170 ft) above sea level. It serves as a gateway to Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) considered a sacred abode and Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Hatton is better known for its Ceylon tea plantations and industry.

In these salubrious environs are found two of Sri Lanka's most beautiful waterfalls the Devon Falls and St. Clair's Falls.

Devon Falls is a waterfall in Sri Lanka, situated 6 km west of Talawakele, Nuwara Eliya District on A7 highway and 1,140m above sea level. The fall is named after a pioneer English coffee planter named Devon. The Waterfall is 97 metres high and ranked 19th highest in the Island. The Falls are formed by the Kothmale Oya, a tributary of Mahaweli River.

St. Clair's Falls is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka and is called the "Little Niagara of Sri Lanka" It is situated 3 km west of the town of Talawakele on the Hatton-Talawakele Highway in Nuwara Eliya District.The fall is 80m high and hence the 20th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. St. Clair's falls comprises of two falls called "Maha Ella" and "Kuda Ella," which is 50m high and was created by a tributary of Kotmale Oya.

It is in these environs that our Hatton project finds itself, where our flowers are grown to precise environmental conditions for the export market and out of love for nature.

Haputale Cut Flower Farm Project

The Flori Farm project in Haputale has been our initial investment and set in verdant surroundings. It sits around a colonial era, mission home over a hundred years old and spreads in neat frills teeming with lovingly tended gerberas, roses and many other flowers. Our aim has been to provide flowers for all festive occasions and with that in mind our range has included bright, alluring, and even crisp, elegant looking cut flowers.

The Haputale Farm sits in surroundings where the climate and water are in abundance to give a growth of the flowers an extra boost of nature's love and care.

Haputale is a misty, picturesque town of the Badulla District, located in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, This quaint town with British era buidlings has an elevation of 1431 m (4695 ft) above the sea level. It is surrounded by hills rich in flora and fauna, forests and tea plantations. The breathtaking Diyaluma falls are not very far away and it is in these environs that FloriFarms has its flower project, providing the ideal setting for venture of this nature.

The Diyaluma water falls' is 220m high and the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is situated 6 km away from Koslanda in Badulla District on Colombo-Badulla highway. The Falls are formed by Punagala Oya, a tributary of Kuda Oya which in turn, is a tributary of Kirindi Oya.

Haputale is also home to the Adisham Bungalow which is a nineteenth-century British period building, modelled on the Leeds Castle in Kent, England. Sir Thomas Villiers, a distinguished British resident in Sri Lanka in the early 20th century, used it as his country house. Close to it is the famous Tangamalai Bird Sanctuary. Another legendary personality who visited this place was Sir Thomas Lipton, a multimillionaire and tea exporter after whom the famous Lipton brand came to be.

Ms Chamila Premaratne M.Sc. (Agri) currently manages the FloriFarm projects in Hatton and Haputale. As Technical Director she has consistently played a dynamic role in boosting the production output and channelling the energies of the farm personnel, making Flori Farms a productive venture. Personal care and a trained eye constantly survey the potted rows and watch the flowers bloom into their brilliance.

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