Wildlife Photography

Nature has been my first love. Since my student days I have travelled out on trips with my mates and spent countless hours at the Horton Plains and many other wildlife sanctuaries. Numerous trips to India also afforded me the opportunity to visit many a wild life sanctuary in Sri Lanka and India. My places of refreshment have been Yala, Uda Walawe, Wilpattu Reserves. Many a pic have been captured at Nagerhole Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, the green expanses of Velvadar, the baked salt pans of Kutch in Gujarat, the ruins of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the dry deciduous forest of Gir for Asiatic lions, and the elephant grasses of Kaziranga, the last remaining stronghold of the Indian one horned rhinoceros.

Low resolution images have been used throughout to prevent piracy. For high resolution downloads/purchases please contact us.

My collection of photographs includes pictures of birds, leopard, tiger, elephant and deer I have shot on film and in the transparency and digital format. Some pictures have retained their brilliance while some have faded with time, but the memories still linger in my mind of almost every shot I clicked.

If you like a particular picture and wish to purchase it just drop me an email and we will take it from there till such time we put an online purchasing plan into action.

In love with wildlife

My passion for wildlife and nature began with the interaction I used to have with my dear mother in our tiny home garden in Bandarawela. Since then I have fallen in love with wildlife and documented wildlife in Indian and Sri Lanka. In my book I have dealt with a few interesting encounters I have had with wildlife and have included the best pictures from my collection. I am sure you will enjoy every page and feel what I have felt in my journey with wildlife.